American Paintball League, Inc... Hosting and Insuring APL EVENTS SINCE 1992


American Paintball League Inc. is not affiliated in any way with Shawn Walker and we do NOT insure his tournaments!

American Paintball League, Inc. started hosting the APL national tournament series in 1992. Those tournaments ran for over a decade, alongside our national TV series of the same name (American Paintball League). The APL also provided national paintball event support and insurance in the past for large tournaments including early PSP events and the NPPL series (when Pure Promotions ran the tournaments). We have recently received inquiries from some of the old teams that played in our events years ago. There appears to be some confusion about a new tournament series that is operating under our APL name.

We were surprised in October, 2013, when we started receiving emails and phone calls from people who believed we were once again offering APL Paintball Tournaments. We soon realized that someone had apparently taken over our brand, and we quickly discovered advertisements for APL tournaments that came from an established promoter who apparently wanted to change his brand. His most recent tournaments were promoted under the old “NPPL” brand, and for whatever reason he chose to take the name of our old successful APL Tournament series.

We negotiated in good faith with Shawn Walker since November 5, 2013, to permit him to use the APL name for a new Tournament Series that Mr. Walker proposed starting in 2014.¬†Unfortunately, Mr. Walker ceased communications with Bob McGuire and the American Paintball League, Inc. shortly before his first “APL” tournament in early 2014.

The REAL APL is 22 years old and counting, and we have always fulfilled our prizes. Please contact us (below) for the current status of the American Paintball League, Inc.


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